PR News Measurement Conference an Interesting Event

More to follow on this, but I had the fortune to join Ogilvy’s Michelle Rios and Tim Keefe of JP Morgan Chase Card Services on a panel on internal communication measurement yesterday.

The conference was filled with interesting information and hindered only slightly by fairly large panels that required individuals to spend just a few minutes speaking. Otherwise, it was terrific — I’ll report on a few of my favorite presentations in upcoming posts.

Meanwhile, thanks and kudos to my co-panelists, moderator Courtney Barnes (PR News Editor) and that august publication for putting on a great conference.

Here’s a thumbnail:
Angie Jeffrey — Institute for PR Measurement Commission colleague and VMS research and measurement maven — talked about a new way of looking at advertising effectiveness. Linda Locke of Mastercard showed off some very impressive metrics. Matt Gonring of Gagen MacDonald was his usual inspiring self as he called for integrating engagement metrics and other business data. There’s much more. See you later.


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