Returning to normalcy? Recovering from conference mania

Make a note. It takes practice to handle two conferences in five days’ time.  Of course, maybe my energy level would have been higher if I’d been speaking at them instead of attending one (live-Tweeting my way through a couple of days), and introducing speakers and serving as sponsorship chair at the other.  Anyone who knows me will aver that I’m a fairly well-smoked ham, so being at the center of attention is exciting for me, rather than exhausting.

But the stress of pressing the flesh, talking to new people, and simultaneously trying to stay engaged in a sudden spate of potential business opportunities turned out to be rather a bit tiring. I also wondered whether the evil humours surrounding new friend Richard Bagnall and his lovely friend Marian might have attempted to seize me, but as it turns out, a couple o’nights of good sleep returned me to fit-as-a-fiddle status. Just ask my students if I lacked energy 22 October in class… Hah!

But now, devoid of excuses, I’m faced again with the ever-growing list of things to do, with ideas for a paper roaming in my head along with the still-warm and previously mentioned business opportunities. Oh, and I do need still to write a final exam and figure out what I need to do when I teach “Face to Face Tactics” at Kent State in the next semester.  I also had slowed the pace of my blogging, owing to the madcap hilarity of the past couple of weeks, but accelerated the Twitter-ing at #iprms09. The social media experiment continues.

So it seems that indeed, I’m finding a bit of normalcy amid the falling leaves and gathering chill.  Providence willing, I’ll soon have a fall more complicated — this time by billable hours.


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One Response to “Returning to normalcy? Recovering from conference mania”

  1. Hi Sean, It was great to meet you last week finally. I’m sorry if I wore you out though! Just wait till the PRSA conference in San Diego 😉 Looking forward to seeing you soon if not at the PRSA then another event (if you can stomach it!) otherwise when you’re next in London you must come and visit us. Cheers, Richard. PS Marion says hi too!