Wait. How can this be?

The airline industry, especially the majors, is corrupt and evil. So goes the meme. But lately, I’ve had GREAT service, even though the end result has been less than desirable.

First, on my way to NYC for PRSA’s leadership confab (quite excellent, BTW), on Delta we leave horribly late due to weather at LGA, circle for an hour, run out of fuel and are redirected late to Albany, NY, whereupon I spend a short, tough night and catch an early train to the shindig. But, the Delta folks at Albany and the flight crew are total pros, doing their thing with a minimum of drama, and I appreciate it quite a lot.

Secondly, CLE to ATL for a day trip is horribly late (yep, 3 hours) which would have meant missing the bulk of the meeting and probably turned me around to take conference calls at home  (hmm, not a bad result, but really, we needed to meet in person.)

Delta, in response to my polite request, books me on the United flight, and I’m in the ATL on time. Sweet!

So, for the night return, again, for the third straight trip, Delta is horribly delayed. So I hie meself off to the club, content to pay the rather steep fee for a little quiet time. When I tell my story to the agent, she waives the fee and says, “you will be my guest.”

What industry is this? Customer service in airlines is dead, and the bigs are the worst. Yet, Delta took darn good care of me, and now I’m wondering whether they deserve the first call on my air purchase search!  So, Delta Club at Gate 37 in ATL, and gate agent very early this morning in CLE:  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Perhaps the rumors of death are rather exaggerated.



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