Does ‘spam’ work?

I know I’m a bit addled lately with multiple priorities and projects, but I just wondered why I got 18 junk comments on me blog, here…? Do BS things like that actually work? Are there people who buy based on unsolicited emails, junk Tweets, nonsense comments on a blog?

For that matter, can anyone explain why the same batch of de-bunked email rumors keep staying alive?  For heaven’s sake, no one is releasing cell phone numbers to telemarketers, there’s no email that can wipe your hard drive (unless there’s a bad attachment and you…open it.) Let’s not even discuss the, ahem, male enhancement claims…

Of course, there are people who think Keith Olbermann, or Sean Hannity, or Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or whomever are the paragons of objective journalism, but that’s a topic for another day.

Maybe they’re the ones clicking through to buy the male enhancement do not call database wipe your hard drive virus email text.


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5 Responses to “Does ‘spam’ work?”

  1. I keep asking the same question, Sean. I guess it must, else why would it keep coming?

  2. @Shonali — that’s the same conclusion I came to! Makes no bloody sense to me… 😉

  3. Sean, I have no freaking idea why Marian from Zimbabwe keeps asking me for a couple grand, which she will turn into millions for me. I keep sending her the money and Marian never writes back. Now my bank account is empty.

    The sad, sad part of this is that the most egregious stuff may well be funny, infuriating or just pathetic. However, there’s a whole next level of spam that Internet “gurus” are selling regular folks on. That’s things like automatic follow programs on Twitter, contact list outreach on Facebook and strategic messages on LinkedIn directed at members of the groups you belong to – even though those “targets” have never agreed to allow you to send them stuff.

    I got a LinkedIn promo message from a dentist in Denver recently. He could promo me because he’s a member of a group I’m a member of. Come to find out, he’s a member of dozens of groups for this purpose only. What is most likely is that the dentist doesn’t even know this is happening – some scurrilous “Social Media Experts” are doing it for him – most likely losing more business for him than they are gaining.

    I could go on……

  4. Sean I also get tons of the stuff – can’t believe someone actually pays these people to do this stuff and half of them are illiterate.

  5. Sean says:

    @Michael and @Craig — I must have tempted the spam gods once too often!